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TechWeb Voices

From The Editor

Let me tell you a story about our news editor.

He's off today, taking a personal day.

Wanna know what he's doing? He's listening to a satellite-dish salesman make his pitch about the glories of 500 channels.

Bear with me. This isn't just another story about our news editor being consumed by a hungry satellite-dish salesman. It's a story about why this guy is our news editor and how he's insanely dedicated to getting you the best, the most, the deepest technology news - and getting it to you first. So much so that today he is listening to that aforementioned satellite-dish pitch man.

A little back story:

British Telecom is taking over MCI. It's a pretty big story. I'm sure you've read about it. Anyway, we had the story in our TechWire first, on Friday afternoon after we saw unusual movement in MCI's stock price.

Our news editor and his team jumped on the story that afternoon and stayed with it through the weekend. They posted literally dozens of updates to the story, breaking important new details, tracking down the principles and the analysts who could provide context and analysis, and making the connections that would give them the scoop when the deal was finalized.

They were first to break the story that the deal would happen, first to break the story when it did happen, and they are still at it, working on stories about what will happen next.

TechWire was the first place on the Web you could read the precise details of the deal. Anyway, our news editor pretty much worked the story round-the-clock through the weekend to ensure that TechWire readers would have the latest news first. As a result, TechWire was the first place on the Web you could read the precise details of the deal.

About that satellite dish. A story like this one breaks inconveniently. One aspect was a London press conference scheduled for 5:00 a.m. New York time, Sunday. Our news editor had the event covered by one of our London correspondents, but that wasn't good enough for him. He lives for news and the little matter of an ocean and an ungodly hour of the day was not going to stop him from witnessing it.

So, first he found out that the press conference would be broadcast live in the U.S. only on CNN-International. And then he found out that CNN-International is available in the U.S. only on satellite.

You see where this is going?

Yup. He found a satellite-dish salesman and convinced the guy to let him come to the satellite-guy's house Sunday morning to watch. (I swear!)

One catch. Our guy had to agree to listen to the satellite-guy's pitch, which is what he's doing right now.

Not all stories are as dramatic as the MCI/BT merger, but they do have meaning to you. And our news editor and his team of journalists are committed to finding, analyzing and delivering them all to you - no matter what it takes.

Jeff Pundyk, editor-in-chief

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