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Remote Access
Volume 1 Thursday, October 21, 1999  

In 1999, companies are discovering the business advantages of remote sites. The new–found remote popularity has come about now that some of the peskier technology issues have been all–but–eliminated, thanks to IP services and lower–cost high-speed connection options. In Volume One of The Remote Access Quarterly Report Online Edition, we are looking at the IT issues behind the Remote Site movement, as well as the ongoing relevant industry changes. Virtually every major computer and software vendor has focused on this market. We are also tracking their constantly changing product positionings, with breaking news stories and analysis.

Sun Buys NetBeans; Completes Forte Acquisition
AOL Surges On E-Commerce Revenue
IBM Hits Earnings Estimates
Buoyed By Net Sales, EMC Posts Record Quarter
Microsoft Rolls Out Internet Device In China

by Joe Mullich  
Reaping The Benefits Of A Distributed Workforce
When CEOs talk about remote access–and this is one of the few technology areas that is indeed being pushed down to IT from above, rather than the other way around–the first thing they mention is mundane to everyone but bean-counters: cutting long distance charges.