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Welcome to Office 2000

The Internet is impacting virtually every aspect of corporate productivity today.

It then makes perfect sense that Internet capabilities would be the

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dominant change within the new Microsoft Office 2000 application suite. Whether it's being able to save a Word document in HTML or being able to easily interact with spreadsheets sitting on a Web server, this revamped suite has gone Web wild.  Want to find out more? Click Here...
Migration 2000
  What Are The Upgrade Issue?

General tips on migrating to Office 2000 and what it means for corporate IT. Do you need to migrate from Office95? Office97? Are you new to Office altogether?
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  Case Studies
  Users Who Have Already Made The Move

To help you decide if Office makes sense for your organization, we've gathered a variety of detailed stories about users who have already made the move to Office.
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Threaded Forum

Office 2000 Sound Off. Got something to say about Office 2000 or the Office suite in general?

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Visual Guide for Office 2000,
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Well, now you've got a place to say it! Jump in and let us know what you think about
" Web integration
" support documents
" application stability
" feature creep...
...or any other Office 2000-related topic that's buggin' you. If you've got an opinion,
let's hear it.
Ask the Expert
Rich Levin, who writes about IT for CBS Radio as well as a variety of publications, will be tackling your questions and will try and offer specific answers. Ask The Expert your Office 2000 question!

Chat Transcript
See the transcript  from the live web chat with guest Deanna Sanford, Microsoft Office 2000 Product Manager.

Wish List
Wish ListIf you could
add or delete a capability from any Microsoft Office product, what would it be? What Office methodology bugs you the most? We'll be publishing the most commonly referenced and the most creative suggestions and
Wish List items right here.

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