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Tele.Com's First Annual Service Provider Outlook Survey Shows That Speed Thrills
By Jeremiah Caron,
Service provider professionals are famously busy folks these days. Deregulation and privatization have led to fierce competition. Ubiquitous Internet protocol (IP) networking has created rabid customer demand for more-better-faster. And the endless stream of mergers and acquisitions has made it all but impossible to figure out who's responsible for what. Startup greenfielders are spending away, with Wall Street's approval (for now), while the incumbents labor to literally switch horses in midstream-a very swift stream at that. Add in the barrage of pitches they're receiving from gold-rushing technology suppliers, and it's a wonder these executives have any time whatsoever to deliver services.

Looking Inside The Frame
By Kate Gerwig,
What a difference a year makes! Before, if business customers wanted to make sure their service providers were living up to the terms of their frame relay network service level agreements (SLAs), they pretty much had to monitor the network themselves and be ready to prove it if there was a problem. A year later, the biggest service providers are offering to manage the whole frame relay network for them, and give them real-time Web-based tools to monitor their network's performance all the way to their premises.

MCI: It's Too Little Too Late As Spin Cycle Sputters
By Kate Gerwig,
There's no shortage of spin these days. From Washington to Wall Street and from Bangor to Bakersfield, companies are twirling themselves dizzy as they put their spin on news. Service providers, to their credit, aren't being left behind. In fact, some of them are now learning the advanced, sometimes painful art of respinning--in effect explaining what they meant by their previous spin. MCI WorldCom Inc. is in the midst of a crash course right now, thanks to what many observers and customers believe was a serious and potentially image-damaging response to its frame relay outage last month, when about 30 percent of its frame customers lost service for up to 10 days. Nobody's saying MCI WorldCom lied in explaining the breakdown, but many think the company stonewalled by providing a nondescript acknowledgment that some customers were being affected by network congestion. Unfortunately for the "some" customers involved, the congestion translated into total outage.

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In the latest reader survey, what are the top two hottest applications?

How large a market is Frame Relay likely to be this year?

How much did the Chicago Board of Trade lose in the recent MCI Frame Relay outage?

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